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A Gift for the Host….Wine or Apron?

Riddle Me This: What does the “R” stand for?!
Answer: Royal? Regal? Reign! ReignSolo is the brand of aprons that offers a modern, lightweight alternative to the flowers and gaudiness of decades old!

Sure, Granny had the market cornered on aprons, but we want you to do more than just wear your apron to cook and keep your clothes clean from mess and spills! With a ReignSolo apron you can forget you even have it on! That’s an apron that has it’s own swag and style that comes across seamlessly and truly allows you to reign and serve effortlessly!

Make the most of every event in style...leave nothing to chance and be apron ready! Modern, chic colors, lightweight and an out-of-the-box gift idea your host will remember you each time they “apron up”!

Now, if you said the “R” stood for Rose’ we would have given you credit for that! Just for today….it’s National Rose’ Day! Get you a glass! Enjoy!

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