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Banana Pudding......

In the vein of sounding a bit repetitive, I am no chef, formal cook or would fancy myself a baker of any kind. Maybe because my college roommate was a baker that wore a size 1, I feel as though I live with the everlasting effects (and pounds) of having experienced those wafting aromas of apple crisp, memories of moist cakes and all. She's a pastry chef today, so keep an eye out for future collaborations:-) I digress, it would only make sense given that we are a kitchen and housewares brand that I would talk about food. Here I want to highlight some of my favorite things of the moment. I am not big on rules and must-haves so this will vary from people, current events, topics, places, things or....what a surprise food and recipes!

My mood at the moment....light, delightful, fluffy, creamy and just the right amount of sweet - Banana Pudding! I have a recipe I have yet to make from the Magnolia cookbook by Joanna Gaines from Waco, Texas (shout-out to my southerners and fellow Texan). My mother-in-law has a tasty recipe too, but you gotta make sure the cookies are on point or it can change the entire flavor of the dessert, and not for the good, if you know what I mean.

Here are local businesses, that I have yet to try but have heard others rave about! I can't wait....both on Facebook!
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