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A Message From the Founder......

She Believed, So She Did, Now She Reigns!

I appreciate that you want to learn more about REIGNSOLO and it's origin story. Let's start with the fact that I am no chef/cook/baker, but I can admire and respect these professions and enthusiasts from afar. I love to eat food, taste it, relish it and enjoy seeing my family show their "love" by sharing their own food from the heart! I truly believe when you serve others, you REIGN. In fact, this is how my husband continues to show his love for me and our children on a daily....he has given me the opportunity to drag him from city to city, hot spot restaurant to the next, with the desire to explore and expand our palate! I even have a whole speaking presentation for Toastmasters on the topic of "broccoli", yes broccoli, all due to my husband's love of this vegetable (maybe I'll share the video one day).

I am a collector of recipes from the everyday meals to the holiday spreads, to specialty pastries to the tastiest gumbos and reaux. I save links to cookbooks, print out pdfs and display the many cookbooks that I have ordered in my, to say I love food is an understatement! With the REIGNSOLO brand of kitchenwares you may start in the kitchen, but believe me you can easily wear the apron designs at your leisure in other settings....keep watching here and we'll show you how it's done. I encourage our customers to break those style taboos and myths of what you can't do and how it should be done, breaking away from the classic, old guard of kitchenwares and styles of decades past. As I have said, even granny will want her own modern and chic lunch tote and apron gift set...and more, I promise!

I consider myself a foodie, but no one's expert anything, just a southern girl who knows flavor when she tastes it! Thinking of the men in my life like my husband, father and brother who can throwdown with the best of them (when it comes to cooking)....I want to give people style options when doing so with a little sass.

REIGNSOLO is a combination of my children's names which started back in 2008, after my second child. REINA means "Queen" in Spanish, and SOLOMON is royal in the biblical sense and finally, KINGSTON is my youngest and we have nicknamed him KING, which is where all the royal and kingdom related references converge (overkill?).

Recently I helped my sister plan her home decor for her new house. She introduced me as her “interior designer” at this high-end furniture store in Dallas, what more certification does one need to start a business during a pandemic than support from your family! So here we are....Beyonce said it best, "You can't wear a crown with your head down"! I encourage us all to do the same through the REIGNSOLO brand.



N. Yavette Williams 

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